Irina Frigioiu

Irina Frigioiu

Financing platform


Coworking Ruzafa I

"When I come here, I am more productive. It is nice occasionally to remain at home and work from home, but that is not really my thing".

What is your job?

I work for a funding platform. My company helps entrepreneurs, corporations and SME’s (small and medium sized enterprises) to find funding and funding opportunities, in order to get support for digital transformation. On the corporate and business side, we help them find innovation and on the entrepreneur side, we help them find funding. I mostly work with European projects but we do also help a lot of SME’s to move towards digital.

How did you start working at Cowork Ruzafa?

My job has always been remote. When I first started, I tried to work from home. It was good for a while but then I became less productive. It was also summer time in Valencia and the temperature was extremely hot. I researched a lot of coworking spaces and saw this one online and I decided to try it out.

How long have you been working at Cowork Ruzafa?

I started in the summer last year, around August. So I’ve been here for almost a year and a half.

What do you like most about Cowork Ruzafa?

I like that it’s cozy. I know that a lot of people go to coworking spaces to socialise but I really like that Cowork Ruzafa is a bit small. I feel comfortable. The people here are nice. I like Lydia and Araceli and all the members are really friendly. There is a really good vibe here. I also like that they have a water filter. They have a lot of other extras that are included in the price too.

What is your favourite memory while being a member of Cowork Ruzafa?

Last year at Christmas time. We were all in the holiday spirit. Everyone was baking cookies and bringing them here to share.

What would you tell someone who is considering our cowork space?

Give it a try! The place is comfortable, has good prices and offers, and overall it is really nice - so i really recommend it. I told one of my colleagues about Cowork Ruzafa and told her to give it a try and she is here with me now - she really likes it.

What about Cowork Ruzafa surprised you the most?

This is my one and only coworking space. I’ve never been to any other. I didn’t know what to expect when I first started but I really like it here.

How has Cowork Ruzafa made an impact on you and your work?

When I come here, I am more productive. Like I said, if you have to work remotely, it is nice from time to time to stay at home and work from your bed, but it’s not really my thing. I think coming here makes me more productive - that’s why I keep coming here.

Have you made any new friends/connections within our work spaces?

The people that work here usually change often. They’re digital nomads who come and go. However, there are some veterans here. People who have been here for a really long time. One person who has been here for a while, Giovanni, likes to organise meetings for everyone between this space and the other coworking space, which is really nice.

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