Maxine Stiebler

Maxine Stiebler

Strategic marketing


Coworking Ruzafa I

«I have tried many coworking spaces before and this was the first that I thought that the people were really open»

What is your job Maxine?

I have my own business, which is located in Germany, and I’m helping solopreneurs with their strategic content marketing, so that they know: what kind of content they need to post for their business; on what channels they need to post it; how they should use their budget etc. I do this because, nowadays, I see that there is a need to showcase your own expertise with content as a solopreneur online - especially from this year on. I’m also helping my clients to reduce the effort throughout the content marketing process. I show them methods in my online workshops on how they can reduce their workload. I have a few packages that I offer to my ideal clients. I would call myself a business owner and not a freelancer anymore. A freelancer is someone who works more on an hourly basis and has a certain skillset that they will offer to their clients. However, for me, I have a few packages that solve a specific problem of my clients.

How did you start working at Cowork Ruzafa?

As it became easier to work remotely, over the past few years, I have used some chances to work abroad. This year I wanted to come back to Spain. I’ve never been to Valencia before and I wanted to see what the city has to offer. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. On my first day in Valencia, I looked for a coworking space because I wanted to meet new people, so I checked out Cowork Ruzafa. When I did, I saw all these open people and they were so kind and I thought ‘this is the place I want to stay’.

How long have you been working at Cowork Ruzafa?

Three months.

What do you like most about Cowork Ruzafa?

The people. Everybody is so open and kind. Sometimes we go and have a coffee together and there is this exchange where you feel like everybody is a good listener. Everybody gives good feedback to each other and I’m thankful that I have found good friends here.

What is your favourite memory while being a member of Cowork Ruzafa?

It is really difficult to pick one, there are so many nice memories from working at Cowork Ruzafa. There are occasional moments where we just burst into laughter. It is so nice when we are all focused on our work and then we have one of those moments of laughter.

What would you tell someone who is considering our cowork space?

First of all, Ruzafa the location is really nice. It depends where you live in Valencia, but if you live close to Ruzafa, this is fantastic. You can always have a coffee in your free time and in the evening, it is a really beautiful location. I think anyone considering Cowork Ruzafa should definitely check it out, as they allow a one hour free trial. I’ve tried a lot of coworking spaces and this was the first one where I thought the people were really open.

What about Cowork Ruzafa surprised you the most?

Now things are different because of the pandemic and there are a lot of new rules that you have to consider. Cowork Ruzafa follows the guidelines and makes the space safe. Also I was surprised at how easy it is to get to know the people here. Whenever someone is new, everyone is very welcoming - that was different. In other coworking spaces I have been to, the people were so focused on their work and they would only say hello to each other. It was really difficult to network but here it was quite easy.

How has Cowork Ruzafa made an impact on you and your work?

First of all, it is a place where I can focus really well. When I come here, I just work. I don’t really get distracted. Another thing, when you feel like you need a break there is always someone who will have a chat with you. If you have a problem or a bottleneck, you can talk about it and people will give you some ideas - it’s really Helpful.

Have you made any new friends/connections within our work spaces?

I have been able to connect with people, not just professionally but also as friends. That's what I take from here. There are really good people here.

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