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Coworking Benimaclet

Cowork Benimaclet is our third coworking space, located in a different district in Benimaclet, not far from Benimaclet station. You can now work alongside other professionals without worrying about the usual costs of a normal office. The price of rent varies depending on the space of work that you choose, being either 'fixed' or 'flexible'.

24/7 access
Fingerprint access
Fiber optic internet 600Mb
Meeting room
Coffee machines
Temperature control systems
Cuarto de baño

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have hydroalcoholic gels, foot spray and separations on all work tables with transparent methacrylate. We also have air purifiers.
It is cleaned every week by a cleaner and areas more prone to dirt and contamination such as the kitchen and toilets are cleaned 2-3 times a week.
Face masks do not need to be worn while at a desk, only when in common areas.
Yes! We have security cameras in our workspace and fingerprint access to ensure that your belongings are safe while you are away.
There are two options to pick when choosing to work half a day. 7am-2pm or 3pm-10pm.
Whether you work half days or full days, you have access to all the facilities we have available.
We include a wide variety of services as part of our membership, such as: tax domiciliation, parcel collection, internet, unlimited meeting room access, rest area and a kitchen with kitchen supplies and printers.
Thanks to our fingerprint scanner, you can access the Cowork spaces whenever you need!
We have two options available, 24/7 access or half day access on the weekdays. Both prices allow for usage of all Cowork stations.
Yes, we are a workspace open to anyone of all ages who wishes to do any form of studying and work.
We are happy for you to bring food and drink into the office but ask that you remember to be considerate towards other workers at all times.
We only allow guests, who are clients, to come if they are with you in the meeting rooms or kitchen but not to shared workspaces.
Sure, whenever you would like.
We offer a 1 hour trial session so you can get a feel for our workspaces.
We ask that for any membership you pay the first instalment on the first day you would like to work with us. For a weekly membership, then there is always an option to extend to a monthly one. Then we ask for you to pay the fee remaining for a month's usage during the 5 days after you finish your week. For a monthly membership, we ask that you pay for the next month during the first 5 days of that month.
Whichever day you like, even on holidays and weekends.
No, you can work here from a day to 10 years!
We provide desks, seats and light, but if you feel more comfortable bring anything over, as long as it does not cause problems to other workers you may do so.
We accept cash payments and bank transfer.
Our system would automatically block you temporarily and you would not be allowed back to work until resolving the payment issue.
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Calle de Buenos Aires, 15.
Ruzafa neighborhood. Valencia.

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En Coworking Ruzafa ponemos a tu disposición múltiples espacios para que puedas desarrollar tus proyectos profesionales. Ya puedes trabajar, estudiar o reunirte con tus clientes en el centro de Valencia por mucho menos de lo que imaginas.